Animal Reiki

Ali Carrington of ‘Reiki with Ali’ has been running an online meditation group during lock down.  With Reiki precepts, these 30 minutes sessions gave participants to explore into their mind and soul focusing on nature, the earth, animals and elements such as light and water.

The fact the sessions invite your pets to join in and the donations go to animals in rescue makes it even more enjoyable! 

Giving people the chance to discover their spirit animal and to find peach and clarity in these uncertain times where we can all do with a little grounding.

About Ali

Ali, has been a coach for just over 15 years. From human fitness and wellness to dog behaviour. Her coaching style has always been focused on reducing stress and anxiety while enjoying more calm and joy. Ali is a ‘quality assured’ and highly recommended London based Dog Listener after studying with Jan Fennell (Author of ‘The Dog Listener’) which follows Amichien Bonding techniques and included studying their ancestors in the wild on a trip to Yellow Stone National Park.

Ali went on to discovered Reiki when looking for deeper ways to help her senior and traumatised Boxer rescue, Kenny. Not only did it have positive effects on his over all health, it was a major step in Ali’s recovery from a year long chronic illness. She is now a level 3 practitioner and teacher.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a complementary therapy often described as energy healing system, based on a traditional Japanese ritual – first taught by Mikao Usui, dating back to the early 1900’s. 

Reiki develops mental, emotional and spiritual well being. It can help people cope with difficulties, relieve stress and improve overall well being including physical conditions.

At the very least, Reiki is so relaxing and can stimulate the bodies own innate healing abilities to over come pain and trauma. 

Animal Reiki

So how is animal Reiki different?

Animals are highly sensitive creatures. For them, it’s more about the stillness and peace they share with you together.

Unlike human Reiki where the practitioner will move around the client – sometimes using their hands, with animal Reiki, they are given the opportunity to approach the healer as closely as they desire. This way, their sensitivity and innate intelligence is respected. 

Some animals enjoy being by your side, some will want to be as close as possible!

When practising on horses for example, there is no need to tether – the horse can still enjoy the experience from a distance and can chose how close and what contact it feels comfortable with, if any.

Animals in Rescue

The ‘Let Animals Lead’ approach works well for animals in rescue and sanctuary’s as many have been abused or neglected by humans and may need time and patience to feel comfortable enough to be at peace with a human again.

As a lover of Boxer dogs, Ali has rescued and worked with them closely to develop both her dog listening and Reiki practices. She works closely with some of Home Counties Boxer Welfare’s and Saving Balkan Boxer Dogs’ most challenging cases, along with other dog welfare associations.

In this short video, we can see Pebble enjoying some Reiki time with Ali.

Lucy's Reiki experience with Ali:

”My personal experience of Reiki for the first time was incredible! I’m glad I could experience it with Ali as she has a very gentle, calming and reassuring nature making you instantly feel at ease. 

During my session I felt a variety of emotions and sensations and came out feeling instantly more positive and lighter, like something had been released! 

Ali and I shared our feedback after the session and it was interesting she could feel a blockage and some tension where I felt some anxiety and almost a choking sensation at one point – some deeper soul searching to be done there perhaps! Other than that, a very comforting, relaxing experience, making me feel calm, content and empowered.

As I left and walked down the street, all my senses felt heightened; I could appreciate every noise, smell and even noticed my eye sight seemed sharper and everything was seemed to be in full colour!”

For more information and to get in touch with Ali, you can visit her website or Facebook Page


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