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“Hi I’m Lucy, formally a flight attendant for easyJet. I was fortunate enough to pitch my business idea to Sir Stelios during a flight he boarded to London. He invited me to present my idea at the ‘easy start-up entrepreneurs 2017 awards.’

I was one of five award winners!

This lead to me making my pet care hobby and dream of running my own business a reality. The business got off to a great start, I hired more and more staff and have been able to branch out into a wider area.

With additional funding from easy we are now preparing to roll out our successful and proven model across the UK. This starts with the search for like-minded individuals to join our franchise on our exciting journey with the backing of the easy brand.”

Ditch the commute to work and enjoy the flexibility and freedom of working from home!

If you love animals and like the idea of a fun and active career doing something you really enjoy, we have the perfect opportunity for you.

Supported by the ‘easy’ brand, running your own business is no longer just a dream. And with the guidance, advice and know-how of Lucy Platt, Founder of easyDogwalker, we can make your dream a reality!

Lucy started her own business after pitching the idea to Sir Stelios on-board a flight from Monaco to London. As a result, she won the ‘easy start-up entrepreneurs’ prize and decided to make her hobby and dream a reality. The business got off to a great start. Lucy hired more and more staff and was able to expand into a wider area, increasing her presence in this growing market and even buy a house of her own as a result of the success of her business. Recognising this, she decided it was time to roll out her proven business model across the UK. easyDogwalker is a reliable, affordable and personal dog walking/ pet sitting service lead by experienced, vetted and trustworthy staff aimed at pet owners with busy lives and little time. Our mobile friendly website offers an easy to use interface that allows our clients to book, track and pay for our services at their convenience.

Statistics show there is an increasing demand for dog walkers and pet sitters in the UK.

The pet industry is a huge market and growing rapidly. We are a nation of dog lovers with 1 in 4 households owning a dog (8.5 million to be precise)- now that’s a lot of dog!

Dog walks are an essential part of our pets lives and also have multiple health and social benefits for us too, including improved cardiovascular fitness, lower blood pressure, stronger muscles and bones and decreased stress levels.

Who wouldn’t want more of that?!

The benefits of becoming a dog walking franchise for easyDogwalker include:

Low cost buy-in of an efficiently run, easy-to-start model with few over heads

Online presence, marketing and SEO from the start with our support and experience

Training and guidance including certification and licencing

Online booking and payment system already in place and ready to go

Operations manual and procedures to follow

Networking and a support system alongside our successfully proven model

The flexibility of working from home and at your own leisure

 ‘’I wanted to set up a service where dog lovers could reach out to owners and offer a trusting, personal and professional service as people are leading such busy lives these days and it seems a shame for dogs to be left at home all day. Dog walking is an affordable alternative to day care but we can also offer pet sitting too. I absolutely love the flexibility of being my own boss, working from home and always being surrounded by dogs, enjoying the fresh air and countryside too. I can finally enjoy a rewarding job where the harder I work, the more money I make. I get so much satisfaction and gratitude from the dogs, I meet so many lovely people too. It’s a great job for keeping you fit and healthy and has lots of other benefits’’

Lucy Platt, Founder and CEO


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