What we do

easyDogwalker has been years in the making. Bringing together animal lovers to offer a reliable, convenient and trust worth service. All our walkers and sitters are DBS checked and first aid trained with experience and knowledge in a variety of areas. References can be supplied upon request Your pets welfare is our number one priority; from consultation to lock up, we’ll make sure your pets needs are always met and they will always be left safe and secure, healthy and happy. The advise and backing from dog behaviourists, licensed vets and approved welfare practises along with a flexible online booking system is what sets easyDogwalker aside from the rest. Whether you’re leaving your puppy for the first time, need someone to feed your cat, have a long day at work or are off on holiday, easyDogwalker offer more than just dog walking – and from just £9!

Lucy's Story

Animals have always been a huge love and passion for Lucy, and it was the desire to be around more of what she loved that inspired her to start what is now a successful and growing business! Lucy’s vision for easyDogwalker  has been years in the making and is the result of her drive to succeed. She was never afraid to get her hands dirty and grew up surrounded by animals, she was fascinated with their behaviour and enjoyed learning about them and taking care of pets for family friend in the school holidays. This passion never faded and the desire to be around animals only grew. But it also clashed with her other passion – travel! Her career as a Flight Attendant meant she was often on the go, and therefore wasn’t able to have a dog of her own. As Lucy had so much time off in typical working hours it was this that allowed her to spend the time in the company of her beloved furry friends. She quickly spotted a need- to help people tend to their homes and pets when they could not. Inspired, she set up her own part-time pet sitting business on the side and found a way to balance both of her passions! With the help of good friends, she created a business plan, website and ordered uniform and merchandise for her small start-up. Her can-do attitude and business savvy mind set saw the full potential of this business concept and it quickly gained speed- she was expanding her client base, minimising overheads and increasing productivity. Lucy now had the makings of a successful business on her hands, one that she had created, nurtured and developed all on her own and was about to go even further! With a little help from fate, Lucy’s business was about change dramatically, and so was her life! During a flight to London Gatwick, Lucy met Sir Stelios, easyJet founder and took the opportunity to explain to him about her business. Inspired by her passion and drive, and seeing the potential for success, Stelios invited Lucy to pitch her business concept to the easyGroup and shortlisted her for the ‘easy’ Start-Up Entrepreneurs Award 2017…which she won! Now she lives the lifestyle she always wanted – to be flexible, independent and self employed. Pursue her passions and work hard to provide the best service she and her team can. Lucy believes in delivering a reliable and professional, great value service. She also believes in the success of easyDogwalker and invests the time and energy needed to make it the best it can be. With the backing of the ‘easy’ brand, further investment from easyGroup and London office space – along with her genuine care and passion for animals and customer service, Lucy as easyDogwalker is now in the process of rolling out this proven business model nationwide! Now she lives the lifestyle she always wanted – to be flexible, self employed, pursue her passions and works hard to provide the best service she and her employees can. The business has meant she was able to buy her own house and provide for herself whilst still being able to move around and meet new people. Lucy believes in delivering a reliable and professional service, she also believes in the success of easyDogwalker and invests the time and energy needed to make it the best it can be. The pets welfare is her number one priority. The advise and backing from dog behaviourists, licensed vets and approved welfare practises are all a part of what sets easyDogwalker apart from the rest, along with flexible availability and a convenient booking and payment system. With the backing of the easy brand, further investment from easyGroup  and the support of her newly appointed Director, successful businessman and entrepreneur, Matt Wallace, along with her genuine care and passion for animals, Lucy as easyDogwalker  is now in the process of rolling out this proven business model nationwide!
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Franchise Opportunity

Supported by the easy brand, running your own business is no longer just a dream. With the guidance, advice and know-how of Lucy Platt, Founder of easyDogwalker, we can make your dream a reality!

Do you love dogs and fancy a fun and active career, making money while doing something you really enjoy?

As a self employed dog walker, we will provide the leads for you to follow up. Your enthusiasm, client relationship and friendly nature, together with your own self marketing, will help you generate clients, walks and cash. Once you’ve started, made the connections and met your clients, it’s entirely possible to achieve £21k a year – the more you walk, the more you earn.

All supported by the easy brand, with keen, enthusiastic advice, guidance and help from Lucy, the owner and founder of easyDogwalker

Please note: you will require a vehicle suitable for the safe transportation of up to 4 dogs at any one time. Have a full, clean driving licence and ideally available weekdays between 10am – 3pm with some occasional evening and weekend cover

  • On acceptance of a new client in your area, arrange an initial free of charge 20 minute consultation with the customer
  • You’ll need to have access to our live database on the go, must be confident with technology and have good customer service and communication skills
  • Review each booking in advance and familiarise yourself with the requirements for that job eg address, access, any behavioural issues and other relevant information provided by the client in their pets registration form and keeping updated with job notes and bookings. You will need a smart phone with data to use on the go and be able to access database via excel
  • Communicate with the dog owner the evening before or morning of the scheduled walk (before 9am) to confirm their booking with an estimated time of arrival
  • Collect dog/s and walk in a location of your choice with or without other dogs you have booked in depending on what the owner has asked for. Please note, the walk itself much be an hour
  • Be prepared to walk dogs in all weather conditions (walks can be called off due to severe weather conditions and alternative care in the clients house carried out)
  • Be mindful of dogs and members of the public’s safety and those around you on dog walks
  • Dispose of dog waste using bio degradable bags in dog waste disposal bins
  • Maintain leadership and control of dogs
  • Understand special requests and conditions for each dog, ensure each dog is getting exercise, love and attention
  • Interact with and stimulate dogs with games, recall, new routes and companions
  • Drop dog/s back and confirm they are home safe with client
  • Wipe paws down, leave in agreed location (for example, in crate or in kitchen with door shut). Refresh water and feed if instructed to do so
  • Send pictures and/or videos of the dogs to the owners and to myself if you believe it would be suitable for use on social media
  • Hand out easyDogwalker business cards when approached and generally represent and promote the service in a positive manor
  • Help encourage more new leads by promoting easyDogwalker in your area of operation with leaflets for example, in local vets and dog friendly cafes etc
  • Sharing easyDogwalker posts on social media
  • Wear provided uniform and make sure car magnets are always visible, reassuring clients and neighbours who you are
  • Send your invoices in at the end of each working month, by email. You will be paid a week in arrears
  • Keeping up with company emails and general administration ie customer queries and work load, planning consultations in around your schedule
  • Keep easyDogwalker up to date with your availability and be able to manage your own schedule. Provide enough notice if you are unable to operate once your work has been allocated. We ask for at least 12 hours notice and it is your responsibility to source cover with another easyDogwalker if you can no longer operate, unless in an emergency of course
  • Candidates must be fit, healthy and have good physical strength
  • Able to handle all breeds, bearing in mind they may not all be well trained and some may be very strong
  • Must be confident with all dogs and have good situation awareness
  • You will have to use your own initiative and interact well with the public
  • You will be representing the easy brand and following our values
  • Having good people’s skills is essential in this job
  • Staying calm when faced with stressful situations is also important
  • If you are interested in day care and boarding (pet sitting) you will need to retain an annual boarding licence from your local council. Please let us know if this is of interest to you.